Saturday, 27 June 2009

embroidery love

yay so i got really into this whole sewing thing. It's pretty obvious to everyone that i miss the boyfriend(he's travelling throughout summer) sooo i decided to embrace it instead of bottling it up. I wanna do more but these two will be for the uni project.
an i finally finished my portrait of my grandmother, i was trying to take pictures of it hanging up as it's big but they aren't coming out very well, the fabric is quite thin (it's an old pillow case) sooo this is a scan. I'm going to put "in loving memory" in script sewn on the bottom somewhere. It was very very hard but i definately want to do more sewn illustration.

Friday, 19 June 2009

little photo dump

hmm this image is supposed to be big oh's about sex dreams , my illustrations are talking to eachother. Also it's been years since i considered fashion illustration but i'm liking it again. soo i finally buckled an bought samplers. Since then my nan's portrait has come on alot more, soo much easier than the rickety home made thing i was using. Annoyingly i went to craft world an bought loadsa crossstitch material an there's a second hand craft sale in my village tomorrow...still gunna go!
the houses are also coming along nicely.I moved on the buildings we forget about in this little blob of country village, this is the old mansion that's being rebuilt in nasty red brick
this is my favourite so far. the abandoned barn in the woods.
in my previous little blog i was talkin about the fash blogger i drew-this is one of the two i did of tavi.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

dam bloggers and their blogging

wow ok so i do have shiz to post but right now a short thing. So susie over on my favourite fash blog just made this post about how it's vaguely creepy that people make i just drew two pictures of the girl who owns my other favourite fash blog - an i was nervous enough about actually showing her. Tavi's alot younger than me but i think that makes her even cooler an thus just a tad intimidating...i'm not a creepy stalker i'm just enthusiastic :S also holy crap man i wanna make zines but i need some help....i need better paper but i don't think my printer will take thicker i was hoping to make a zine of observational summery drawings for uni and another of skinny boys (i seem to draw alot) an try an sell it via my tumblr and flickr...but i need some advice!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

whatcha doin

ok so wow this needs updating. An i actually have stuff to update with that isn't just sketchbook puke. (if you have any interest in my sketchbook shiz it's all on my flickr ) also

yeah wow blurry...these shorts are my second skin this summer. LOL summer as when the sun has been out i've been drawing the houses on my road

however i'm kinda bored of them now, i'm gunna draw a few more on my road an then move on the more interesting buildings around my village. My favourite is this totally overgrown house with a balcony where a senile old man lives and never leaves. An estate agent friend told me everything's all victorian an totally untouched inside but some rooms you can't get into because the man who lives there has just stuffed them full of newspapers. I'm going to have to photograph it as there's nowhere to sit to sketch it (unless i sit in the sheltered housings's garden opposite) an i'll put the photos of it up when i have them(aka when it stops raining)
Apart from avoiding the rain i've been working on this sewn portrait in memory of my nan who died recently. It's time consuming but i like how it's coming along. When i've finished and ironed it i'll post more pictures.
I really like how the eyes look at the minute .
In other news i'm kinda obsessed james jean ( coincidentally my friend Polina over on her blog ( has just made a post showing some of his work and i felt like posting some of my favourites.
He has these amazing creepy pictures
But it's his sketchbooks i'm in love with, can't wait for july when i'll be out and about more an have more stuff to look at and sketch.