Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Recent purchases

i'm putting off doing the new project for uni by posting. Today i went to the Ampthill Antiques Emporium. It's amazing, I normally go in before we do the food shopping and i always forget my purse, today i speant about 2 hours trying on clothes and milling around. I decided to make an attempt to save money though as i have two train trips ahead of me. From the Emporium i bought this little plasticky 70s case, an old boater hat (i was fairly adament that i would be getting a real boater an not a topshop one), the jar is apparently victorian, the pharmacy jar is victorian an from the pharmacy within the shop, they don't sell the nice ones just the skanky looking ones but i'm okay with that. I almost bought this one full of crystals but the cork was moudly, an the little blue edwardian cobalt bottles (sooo cheap!) . The belt and the tassle brogues are just from Asos. I also bought some harem trousers but they are too big :(
second floor, where i got most of my things.
the original pharmacy-nothing is for sale OH HOW I TRIED
the outside-the bottom sign is a sign for a pizza place called "Flying Pizza" i swear that was in Back to the Future or something.

new flat

this is kind of a test, i have a love hate relationship with blogspot an posting pictures. My text will be all straight an normal on the preview an then will come out higgeldy piggeldy in the main post, an no amount of editing seems to fix it. So here's some pictures of my new flat (note the amazing retro red chairs in our little lounge) i haven't moved in yet, but the plan is to have it pretty twee looking when it's done with lotsa old glass an my shoes on display.

Monday, 3 August 2009

travel journal

these are my favourite pages from the travel journal i made on my travels around Singapore and Mallorca this month.