Monday, 7 December 2009

Nearly 21

My mother came to visit me in London and to go an pick up my 21st birthday present that's been eight years in the making. I've been wanting a Viv Westwood bag for about 8 years now, since i started to get interested in fashion. i'd seen my favourite one from her recent collection, we'd rung all the shops to make sure it would be avaliable an we were told they were selling out fast soooo we went to get it a week before my actual birthday! My aunt came to an when were in there asked if i would like a purse as well, i wasn't about to turn down that offer!
Then my mother told me she wanted to go into some posh homewear shops on Kings Road (she works in display). I’ve never been there because it’s much too expensive an area for me really. We were hurrying, an i couldn’t figure out why when i thought we had the rest of the day, It turned out my amazing mum had prebooked a champagne high tea at this place called the Botanist on Sloane Square. Being nearly 21 feels pretty dam good right now.

Holborn's dead animals

wow my blog is so neglected. Here's some work done in the Huntarian Museum (an amazing place full of animals in jars, skeletons and medical strangeness-it's one of my favourite places in the world)

a woodpecker head and a skimmer's head

some sort of frogmouth

a sparrow with it's testicles revealed to show how large they get during the mating season

a mouse with its skin peeled back to show its nipples (i know i couldn't see them either) and a calf born with such extreme curvature to its spine that its head is inside its stomach.

and my favourite-a baby pangolin (spiny anteater)
also had to draw something else to do with Holborn so i chose here

i believe this place is a japanese tailoring and shoe shop now. It's always bloody closed.