Friday, 22 October 2010

Gerald Durrell illustrations

preliminary sketches and drawings for the first new uni project
We have to come up with covers for three books by the same author as well a box slip thing for them. Really not sure what i'm going to do for the box.

I need another one involving him for Durrell's "The Bafut Beagles" but I haven't managed to read too much of it yet. I braved the Natural History Museum (i would normally have just gone to the nice quiet Grant Museum but they are shut while they move to a different location) in order to get the patterns and proportions of these animals right (as well as a giraffe and a gnu for the illustrations above but i haven't decided which i prefer yet) an then came home to finish them up.
arctic foxes
hairy frog


Monday, 18 October 2010

Back to School

Well uni has well and truly begun and the piles of books around my room are already mounting up. At least one pile is of some zines I've printed out an put together and are looking good and ready to go.

Of course lots of work means I've been procrastinating. I've already started making Christmas cards, inspired by Miu Miu...I love Christmas, I can't help myself! 

Puerto Iguazu

The plan to keep these holiday catchup posts to last until Christmas is going well. Our first stop in Argentina was Puerto Igauzu, home to one of the largest waterfalls in the world.
We learnt that it's actually bigger than Niagara, Niagara just has more water going over it.
We wandered around on these walkways built high up around the waterfalls.
We were chased by these amazing little things called coatis.

and these beautiful jays.

We were told by some other travellers at our hostel that we had to visit the part of the falls known as Garganta del Diablo (the devil's throat)

Up here the spray forms clouds that gradually descend on you every few minutes and generally soak you.

We decided to make full use of the park and go see if we could find any interesting animals. We managed to spot that toucan hiding up in the branches.

I was so happy when we managed to see a few more as this was Robert's birthday an it really made the park seem even more perfect.

Since it was Robert's birthday I decided to take him out to one of the nicer places in the little town/village of Puerto Iguazu.

Robert being the shy and retiring kind quickly informed the entire restaurant including the band it was his birthday which ended up with the band and staff singing Happy Birthday and presenting him with this AMAZING little cake.

We were already impressed by Argentina but I was really touched by the people's generosity and enthusiasm that night.

The next few days we took it pretty easy. We discovered this amazing old market.

Selling all the kinds of food we liked.

We needed that platter as after this we walked to the point where Paraguay, Brasil and Argentina meet.

I had already started falling for Argentina. But nothing could prepare me for where we ended up next.

Next stop, Esteros del Ibera, the wetlands.

Saturday, 2 October 2010


A few weeks back my aunt, mother an I visited Claydon House for lunch.

We unfortunately didn't go in to the main building but google tells me it features 18th century rococo interiors so I definately hope I can go back at Christmas.
I've only been back in london a couple of weeks and I already miss the countryside.