Sunday, 27 November 2011

a good jumper

Well the weather has given in (and so has my nose) and I realised I have made the rather ridiculous mistake of not bringing my warmest jumpers with me when I moved back to London. So my new wonderful chunky Pull & Bear cardigan has been keeping me warm and inspiring me to look to illustrations featuring knit in all its glory and I thought I would share a few I've come accross.
edadid 02
edadid 02

”  It is of a god with a fantastic jumper taking a peek at a sailing ship.”
” It is of a god with a fantastic jumper taking a peek at a sailing ship.”
New Fall Hangtag
New Fall Hangtag
via yokoo

My eyes….
My Eyes...

Day Alexandre
and lastly this bizarre little jumper swaddled thing by Day Alexandre

stay warm x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Y'know that thing I've been saying I'm going to do for a ridiculous amount of time? I'm calling it The Darjeeling Project. And it's finally begun...

from hot to cold

I promised I would share more of my favourites from my last roll of film from Iceland and Singapore. I then realised I'd somehow forgotten to upload them. So, now I've remedied that! (as always click on the picture to take you to flickr to see them in slightly better quality)
up a hill in little  Grindavík on the longest day in summer on our way to the Blue Lagoon.
A creepy house out on its own overlooking the sea in Ísafjörður.
big fish
A picture of pretty much all that goes on on beautiful little Flateyri.
Onto hazy Singapore.
look up
The ever present blocks of apartments.

Little One
Now an again in Singapore you'll stumble accross something that's a little older and a little more traditional.
high rise
The view from the 57th floor of the Singapore Sky Lounge.the colours
This last one I snapped quickly from the taxi window stuck in a traffic jam.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

still sleepy

So I've been ill, (still am ill really) but my time in bed has given me some time to dedicate to spending more time in my sketchbook painting.
bed time

bed time detail
Fingers crossed I feel better soon?

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Continuing the Commute

So between quitting my old job and grabbing a new one (which I like a fair bit more than the last) I've been scratching away in my lovely little watercolour sketchbook. However I only just realised that I've actually been drawing scenes featuring the tube (that aren't sketches of other commuters) on my commute.
fuck you tuesday

It has taught me to get myself out of bed in the morning...

forever sleepy
....but I'm always tired...I'm sure my body will get into the swing of things soon though.

halloween train
I quickly scribbled this little scene on my tube journey home late yesterday evening. Was really funny seeing the commuters in their smart suits next to the kids in their costumes. I saw some amazing ones this year including a very accurate Mad Hatter (Tim Burton version) and one of the creatures from Avatar (in a full body sock dyed the right colour an sewn together, very impressive!)
Happy Halloween!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

back to the streets

Well I desperately had to do something to get the creative juices going again and fell back onto my old favourite of street fashion to get a good quick piece done an to make myself want to sit in front of vast stacks of paper and far too many scalpel blades again. I think it worked! I still really like how they look before I ink them up, but yeah I'm still not a big background fan so a handmade collaged background like this...probably not on the cards anytime soon. (unless i FINALLY make time to do my goddam overdue Royal Tanenbaums project...)
wallpaper cardigan

(found the girl over on this beautiful blog

Sunday, 2 October 2011


I've wanted to blog about my trip to the Mint Museum of Toys in Singapore for a while now. I was really blown away by it. I can't believe I'd never heard of it before considering I get out there every year.
I LOVE how toys from Japan an China were so colourful!
The Mint Museum is a collection of over 3000 toys from all over the world dating from the mid 19th century up to today.
I totally fell for the patterns that featured on a lot of the older toys from more eastern reaches of the world.
There were a few odd things in there!
This panda's face had me laughing to the point where I think I probably embarrassed my dad.
There were a few recognisable bits around (why is there no Star Wars jewellery?)
Loads of astroboy stuff,
Including this massive statue as you came into the museum (taken with my old film camera). I really want to get into Astroboy more. I love the way he's drawn, it seems so cheerful but it's such a sad story too!

It was really fascinating to see how culturally ambiguous alot of toys have become nowadays. Back then they were produced, of course for a mass market, but took on more characteristics from the culture from which they came from and were less interested in appearing "western".
I'm always a sucker for a creepy toy....
The toys are owned and collected by Chang Yang Fa, there's not much about him online, an there isn't much about him in the museum either. But I'm greatful he's decided to share just a fraction of his collection with the public!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Commute


so I have started a new job. I gotta pay for my upkeap somehow, an it involves a grand old commute, so i've decided when the train isn't incredibly frighteningly busy i'm going to try an get some good sketching in. It's already got my creative juices flowing, just gotta find time to get some good stuff finished up!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Be Strong

Sorry for the silence. Things have been very unstable recently but hopefully are finally looking up! Just need to stay positive, which is not my strong suit but I'm trying hard an I'm finally back to churning out some more work. I also have some more rather beautiful photos to share with you. In the mean time I'd like to draw attention to a good cause.

be strong

 My boyfriend will be taking part in a Night time Walking Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I have lost several family members to different types of cancer over the past couple of decades. Everyone I know has a story about someone close to them who has been effected. The smallest amount still goes towards such a good cause and it’s a cause close to so many people’s hearts so I thought maybe posting the link here might be a good way to get Rob’s sponser page a little more attention 

Friday, 26 August 2011

Singapore Cider

I keep VERY IRRITATINGLY forgetting to take my sketchbook out with me. I think with the weight of two cameras in my bag I assume it's already in there. But I managed to remember the other day so while I was enjoying a glass of "festival strength" cider I worked on this little drawing of Royal Tenenbaum and Chaz Tenenbaum's kids. Can't decide whether to watercolour it or digitally colour it. What do you think?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

in grain or shine

So i'm hoping to not let things clog up and get slow. My life plan just had a major knock so now i'm unsure of what direction to go in. I was going to go back to london all guns blazing but now i find myself without roomate and without much of a want to get a job an indeed a lack of inspiration. Thinking of going abroad and doing some sort of volunteer scheme. Truth be told even though I hated the cold I really did love Iceland and it did make me want to draw. I took my new old Halina out for another learning experience in film and these are the best ones of the first roll (i'm still in the process of finishing the second roll here in Singapore).
reykjavik harbour




figure it out



Might be an idea to go back for a longer period of time to clear my head, just wish it wasn't so expensive!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Simple Pages

Yesterday I got my camera charged and ready to go again and took some pictures of my sketchbook pages from Iceland. As always click through to go to my flickr to view them in more detail.

iceland sketchbook 2

iceland sketchbook 3

I also scanned in some photographs I took with my old Halina in Iceland yesterday so expect a nice little holiday post.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

late post

So i thought i'd already made this post! It would appear i'm a worse blogger than i thought! Anyways I recieved an INCREDIBLE package from Kelly quite some time ago. I love how her people are all kind of astronauts meets gangsters.
She sent me this amazing little spaceman and a rocket i had to assemble myself (!!!)
drypoint etchings and intaglios that are really beautiful!
Even a moon! And it all came in a beautiful little pack.
Thank you so much Kelly! You can see more of her work on her blog and her website.