Friday, 26 August 2011

Singapore Cider

I keep VERY IRRITATINGLY forgetting to take my sketchbook out with me. I think with the weight of two cameras in my bag I assume it's already in there. But I managed to remember the other day so while I was enjoying a glass of "festival strength" cider I worked on this little drawing of Royal Tenenbaum and Chaz Tenenbaum's kids. Can't decide whether to watercolour it or digitally colour it. What do you think?

Saturday, 20 August 2011

in grain or shine

So i'm hoping to not let things clog up and get slow. My life plan just had a major knock so now i'm unsure of what direction to go in. I was going to go back to london all guns blazing but now i find myself without roomate and without much of a want to get a job an indeed a lack of inspiration. Thinking of going abroad and doing some sort of volunteer scheme. Truth be told even though I hated the cold I really did love Iceland and it did make me want to draw. I took my new old Halina out for another learning experience in film and these are the best ones of the first roll (i'm still in the process of finishing the second roll here in Singapore).
reykjavik harbour




figure it out



Might be an idea to go back for a longer period of time to clear my head, just wish it wasn't so expensive!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Simple Pages

Yesterday I got my camera charged and ready to go again and took some pictures of my sketchbook pages from Iceland. As always click through to go to my flickr to view them in more detail.

iceland sketchbook 2

iceland sketchbook 3

I also scanned in some photographs I took with my old Halina in Iceland yesterday so expect a nice little holiday post.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

late post

So i thought i'd already made this post! It would appear i'm a worse blogger than i thought! Anyways I recieved an INCREDIBLE package from Kelly quite some time ago. I love how her people are all kind of astronauts meets gangsters.
She sent me this amazing little spaceman and a rocket i had to assemble myself (!!!)
drypoint etchings and intaglios that are really beautiful!
Even a moon! And it all came in a beautiful little pack.
Thank you so much Kelly! You can see more of her work on her blog and her website.

Monday, 8 August 2011


ok so i know i promised to update more but i do have an excuse...but it is an awful i recently moved from my uni place in London back to my parents' house for a chunk of summer. I've had a lot of unrelated to illustration stuff going on and keeping me from my sketchbooks however this isn't the excuse. The excuse is that after two days of packing and finally managing to load everything into my stepdad's car i got a text from my boyfriend telling me i had left my (read HUGE MASSIVE DSLR) camera on the lounge table....clever....and my sketchbook i have managed to work a little in doesn't fit in my scanner...great. So my dear boy held onto it for me an i did a prompt trip down south to retrieve it, so i will finally be able to share a few things with you again! In the mean time, here is a picture from my sketchbook from when i was supremely hungover (and considerably more broke than when i arrived...) for a more full story click the picture.