Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Hat For All Seasons

the man in the hat
Now this guy is a favourite of mine. There's actually a couple of failed sketches of him in my little sketchbook. I haven't cleaned him up too much, I kind of wanted to keep him a bit slapdash. He was someone I knew I had to draw quickly. I don't know if it was just the hat or he had the vibe of someone who wouldn't take kindly to being drawn but I knew I had to work quickly. And that hat was not easy to draw on a bumpy tube journey! I have seen him since, I like to look out for his lovely brown fedora, maybe I'll manage to draw him again before I finish up at my current day job. (I have some things to share with you about a big development over the next few months!)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Two For You

big hands
A couple for you today! This is another guy that I managed to like enough to give a page to himself. I'm not great with hands and while this guy's (really rather nice) leather gloves made things a little easier it was still a challenge. I quite like that in my concentration I have enlarged his hands. It's a weird perspective but I quite like it and it was good practice! And I find myself now not worrying too much about perspective when I'm just in my sketchbook and just getting on with the thing! It's good as I have a tendency to size up people before drawing them (which often results in them..well..getting off the train before I start drawing...)
old man sleeping
With this grumpy sleepy man I'm afraid I don't remember much about him nor even drawing him. He is unfortunately a fine example of how little we know about the people we share a train carriage (or indeed bus) with everyday. I think in my sketches here I'm trying to keep a memory of the person, something that stood out, but all that stood out to me about this guy was that he was obviously not having a good morning! But then in that respect perhaps he wanted to just fade into the background that day. I hope you're all enjoying the start of summer (or indeed winter if you're not in this part of the world), the sun has finally come out so I need to get these people in their thick jumpers and coats all uploaded quickly!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Rosy Cheeked Business

rosy cheeked business
Another bespectacled person! Oops...perhaps I should be trying to break a habit here. This guy's actually pretty small in my sketchbook and is rapidly getting surrounded and in part covered by his other fellow commuters so I thought I should share him with you before he gets totally hidden! I think I decided to give him rosy cheeks because he just looks so miserable! He was doing that thing lots of London commuters do where they look like they are trying very hard to look like they are sleeping when in fact they're just trying to ignore the inevitably packed train around them. (I definitely don't ever do that.......) I'll try and share some non bespectacled people with you next blog! The weather's heating up now too so I better get through all these people in their winter coats quickly!

Thursday, 3 May 2012


glasses page

This page seems rather apt for my current situation at the minute so I thought I'd share it with you. Usually I only occasionally wear my glasses. Normally when I'm battling it out with photoshop! But recently I've been having more an more trouble focusing, I had what I thought was a rather minor astigmatism but my glasses have become more an more of a necessity recently. My friends in uni used to tease me for always drawing people with glasses,I guess I just find them an easy starting point, but I do think someone's glasses choice can say just as much about them as any other clothing item. Now I seem to be focusing on glasses wearers more and more, much in the way I eye up other peoples' footwear haha.  I'm not particularly fond of my frames, I'd like some that are large and obnoxious and hipstery to be honest, alas my pay packet won't quite reach, guess I'll just keep looking longingly at other peoples' instead.