Thursday, 27 September 2012

Backpacker Post 7: Yosemite National Park, California

yosemite sketchbook
Yosemite, California. LA's polar opposite basically! We had a bit of a calamity getting there, the usually ever so reliable Greyhound bus (AHEM) was late, meaning we got to the nearby town when it was dark and made finding one of the (many, really???) campsites impossible. After a frightening drive down a dark rocky country road we admitted defeat and paid out for the last free hotel room in town (I wasn't complaining...).
   Yosemite National Park is one of America's first parks, it's bloody massive, and is home to the oldest living organism in the world; the giant sequoias. As much as I am NOT a camping person, (don't get me wrong I love the outdoors and I love a good hostel but I dislike tents, bugs, and well...sleeping in the cold....) I really enjoyed Yosemite.We did end up sleeping in the car and there are some ridiculous pictures of me with a night walking light attatched to my head (which I will not be sharing!)  We speant hours parked in our ridiculous gas guzzling jeep sat in front of flower filled meadows watching the sun set waiting for that elusive glimpse of a bear. I swear everyone in the park saw one but us, we did see a hell of a lot of chipmunks...  It was easy to get off the tourist trail, which seems to have been a good thing considering all the craziness that happened after we left with those poor people getting sick! Did some incredible hiking past hidden waterfalls and past some rather dangerous but spectacular drops. I would love to go back when it's colder (and stay in one of the slightly more out of the way places), or to find a good place to catch the salmon run and FINALLY see a bear.


Next stop, one of the coolest cities in the world; San Fransisco.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Business Boom


So as you may know I finally got around to getting a twitter and I was asked by the very smart looking blog Business Boom if I would be interested in a feature. Of course I was! They posted it the other day an I thought I would share a snippet of it with you. You can read the rest of it here. It did draw attention to the fact that I am battling it out with two styles, something I think might put off a potential employer so I'm currently working on some pieces that bring the two together. I included the bottom image because I love the grid system they have for their blog and my little ladies fit in rather well I think.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Desk Turtle

I've been working on christmas cards over the past few days and realised when I sat down to get some roughs done that my desk was in a bit of a state so I gave it a good once over. Here you can see the few zines and magazines I've accumulated while travelling (including the incredible Kingbrown, which you should all go check out) as well as the tiny, not very powerful, notebook I'm having to do my work on and my beloved new bright yellow Urbanears headphones.

I've wanted a turtle skull for a while but wasn't really sure how to go about finding one. I was so happy when I walked into Paxton Gate in Portland, Oregon and they told my they had two! Both from sustainable sources (they're the kind of turtles that are farmed for meat). I get worried about my little animal collection coming from poachers so I try to check up on where they come from first. Isn't he great? I think he looks like a triceratops.
Do you have any interesting collections? I'd like to see!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Backpacker Post 6: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California. Another bizarre place. It probably didn't help that I'd stuck stead fastedly to my plan to read Bret Easton Ellis's "Less Than Zero" a disgusting tale of wealthy teenagers living in and around the city spiralling into a kind of sex and drug fuelled hell (go read it, it's great) but, it did really put into perspective the debauched idea of wealth that surrounds you in LA.  Everywhere we went there were eccentric people, which was actually kind of fun (hence my sketch of a woman dressed as a pussy cat an the man next to her who was actually a Charlie Chaplin impersonator.)It wasn't glitzy like we thought it would be but incredibly tricky to get around without a car but I did enjoy the strange overt beaches, watching V-ball, seeing the Chinese Theatre in real life was really pretty cool. A particular highlight for me was meeting the incredible Tavi Gevinson at her opening for her and Petra Collins' exhibition "Strange Magic", I was shaking but she was amazing and graceful and jeez more grown up then anyone I know! Overall it was a pretty overwhelming place!

Next stop (and a rather large contrast to LA) camping in Yosemite National Park.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Street Smoke

I wish it wasn't so nice painting that smoke considering how anti-smoking I am...I miss the hip kids of London. I guess withdrawal symptoms were inevitable considering I'd been living there for 5 years. I've decided to paint more people and also to find a way to bring my collage into it and make both styles nice and strong. Also...she's laughing at his ghetto trainers..of which I would love a pair.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Backpacker Post 5: Las Vegas, Nevada

Oh Vegas. Ridiculous ridiculous Vegas. It was 40 something degrees centigrade, and just about the most bizarre place I have ever been. And that's coming from someone who has stayed in a town that was 8 blocks by 8 blocks with one house to each block in the middle of the Argentinian wetlands..It was hard to know quite what to make of such a bizarre totally artificial place. We met a guy hitch hiking who described it as the place where all of the ultimate craziness of America, its gluttony, its money hungryness, its in your face hedonism comes to point in a kind of pressure valve out here in a strip of mad casinos in the desert. I was fun though. Again we had an amazing host (a lawyer for a casino no less!) who took us to a great dive bar where I tried something called "ass juice" (it was great!). We also made it to the much publicised Heart Attack Grill, where you are served by nurses, there is no diet drink whatsoever, if you are over 350 lbs you eat for free and everything is fried in lard, oh and you have to wear a hospital gown! Would I return to Vegas, probably not, but I'm glad somewhere so strange and crazy exists.

I WISH I had bought something from this machine! It dispensed pieces of art and comic books!