Friday, 26 June 2015

Fortnum Flowers

Fortnum Flowers
Soo I am actually really pleased with this one. This was the result of me (as usual) seeing a photo somewhere and deciding to just sort of..go off that and try and use all my favourite bits of found paper in one go. I kind of often regret that because then...I use all my favourite bits of found paper. (Can you tell I'm writing this blog straight after I've woken up).
I am super pleased with this one though so I thought I'd show you some of the details (see that gold paper? It's doll wallpaper and I CANNOT remember where it came from, and when I run out of it I will cry.)

Considering I actually really love cut flowers I should probably find out what those orange and blue flowers are meant to be...probably...

Monday, 22 June 2015

The Girl With The Flowers

I don't even have a good excuse for why I haven't updated this blog properly as I have actually been doing some work so err...I should probably actually share it with you. Jeeeeez I used to be so good at keeping this on time and everything!

I recently fell back on doing the kind of art work I find quicker, despite the fact it's not actually my favourite way to work. So I finally got off my arse, put my pen down and picked up my glue and made a mess with lots of little bits of paper, and this lovely lady was the result. She seemed appropriate as the first thing to share over here as it's summer here and flowers are y'know...summery....

I'm going to try (really) to keep this updated with my own work. However what I do do (hurhur) a slightly better job of is updating my facebook page HERE with regular artist showcases! Please head on over there and like my page as I try to give a bit of exposure to less well known artists as well as generally getting over excited and incredibly jealous of their artwork.