Saturday, 27 February 2016

Mouni Feddag

Your twenties are really weird. Like, about up to the age of 22 I sort of didn't really think about what and where I was going to be when I grew up. I was just going out, travelling, working a bit and drawing as much as I could. Suddenly at 25 it all got a bit silly but serious all at the same time. 

Now I have this strange pride at staying in on a Saturday night baking muffins and major remorse over going out until 5.30am the previous night. However that Friday night will be one of the best nights out of my life and I loved every second of it. 

It's a strange place to be in, and lots of people write about this confusing period in a much more literate way than I'm managing to (Sloane Crosley is a favourite for this kind of thing.) 

I find myself wanting to learn to fix my broken shelves, throw sophisticated dinner parties and thinking about money a lot, all at the same time as texting my best friend for the location of a party with free food, buying "just one more" cocktail and arguing over which X-man is the coolest (FYI it's Nightcrawler). 

Anyway the point of this ramble (other than people seem to prefer to read things on facebook than on my blog) is that I seem to have come across an illustrator who perfectly depicts this odd in-between time. 

Mouni Feddag has popped up on my radar before but it was only after I delved into her truly impressive website that I realised her work shows not only cool grown ups throwing dinner parties, but also cool not quite grown ups hanging out together and figuring it out. 

I've kind of completely fallen for Mouni's work which is why I've shared so much of it. I hope for the other mid to late twenty readers you get what on earth I'm waffling on about and relate to Mouni's work as much as I have. 

Take an hour and go through her website and a night in for her tumblr .

Ping Zhu

So I've found myself with some time to kill so how about I share someone with you? Meet Ping Zhu. Ping came into my life due to her amazing print of dogs all going for a walk, a piece I couldn't shake from my memory for months. 

I'm pretty sure a friend of mine has a print of her's up on their wall. We're all canine obsessed and I'm more than happy for my love for all things dog shaped to seep into my illustrative interests too. 

Ping is from Brooklyn and is obviously infinitely cool. Not only is her work that includes animals full of texture and movement but it's also full of super cool girls, athletes and even musicians. 
I mean, I don't see too many illustrators churning out pictures of dance acts and Florence and the Machine. 

While I've only shared a few of my favourites which are more to the point, her work also often has an interesting conceptual twist. 

Ping seems to have worked with everyone from the New York Times to GQ and I can't wait to see what she does next and you should feel the same way. Check out her "zoo" here on her website and on her tumblr.

Marianna Madriz

So I was scrolling through tumblr a couple of months ago when I came across an illustration that looked remarkably like my friend, in a place that looked a little like her flat. 

In a strange twist of fate I had bumped into the work of Marianna Madriz who has been working with my friend Yasmine on her blog Sideroutes. From doing these posts I'm learning that the illustration world isn't -that- small so maybe it was just fate that brought me to Marianna? 

It also doesn't hurt that her work is absolutely beautiful. There looks to me to be a huge dose of inspiration from Tove Jannson (the lady behind the Moomins) when it comes to texture and character design. 

However Marianna is Venezuelan born and I know very little about current illustration trends in Venezuela, perhaps lots of illustration over there seems to take its cues from cute 1960s comics and almost folkloric style. 

Either way Marianna has managed to take her style and apply to it everything from snacks to giving advice (I strongly recommend checking out her illustrated advice section).

See what she gets up to next here on her website and of course on her tumblr.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Llew Mejia

Happy Sunday y'all, I promise to try and not upload in a group and actually update this properly in the future....Today I'm frighteningly hungover so here's an illustrator who I LOVE and who has certainly helped to brighten up my head. 

Today I'm going to introduce you to Llew Mejia. You guys, I heart patterns. I heart patterns really really hard. 

I also really heart plants and illustrations of plants, so San Francisco based artist Llew Mejia basically just reached into my heart and drew all my favourite things (apart from cheese...if he had put together a pattern involving cheese he would 100% be my new favourite illustrator).

 I feel like he's taken something that can be very traditional and harks back to the work of people like William Morris, in subject matter and application, but has completely updated it and made it rather fun indeed.

 Raise your hand if you've seen a pattern before now that involves a smiley eel before that you've immediately wished adorned your walls, plates, bed sheets and clothing? No? Didn't think so! Inspired? You should be. Explore more of Llew's work on his website and his tumblr.

George Bletsis

Good morning, finally I've managed to steer my interests away from Toronto and Melbourne and back closer to home. George Bletsis is from the south of England but his work appears to take influence from all over the world. It's lush and colourful with quite a focus on textured interesting backgrounds.

 You can see how his work could be applied to everything from children's books to travel guides. 

The variation in his work is what initially caught my interest, as someone who can't decide what their style is most days (or what they want to do when they're a grown up, or what to have for dinner, or what to wear, what to draw, where to get it) he is always experimenting with different techniques, styles and interestingly subject matter. 

Whilst the main bulk of his work is textural, usually full bleed and can have many applications he is also working on a comic book.
I've included a couple of his comic book characters here partly because they're great and partly because they're so interesting! Everything in their world, including their uniform, is made from bugs! 

A good hunt through his website is definitely worth it and his blog is a good place to keep up with his experiments and his comic book characters. 

Maggie Chiang

Yeaah...sooo not sure what happened last week...but to make up for it I've got you guys a good one. Today I give you Maggie Chiang. 

Maggie popped up on my radar through her very cute little watercolours of Star Wars characters (I'm honestly surprised I haven't just done an "artists do Star Wars" post yet..) but after looking into her work a little more I discovered her pieces are full of a sense of adventure! 

Creating a mood with just background, and indeed not complicated background, is something I really envy and admire. She can tell you a story in just one little frame. She's also a triple threat because not only has she got the power to create stories as well as incredible painting skills, she's learnt how to apply them to collage too! 

Maggi's done some wonderful things, for example she's put together a poster for a Ted Talk, and I'm sure there will be so much more to follow. Keep up with her explorations on her website and her tumblr

Kajika Ferrazini

Sooo I'm pretty into the Fifth Element. Anything that presents a more surreal and fun vision of the future and space travel is nearly always a fast favourite. 

With Kajika Ferrazini's work you get the feeling that these characters, while depicted in blank space, are from another planet and are showing us how they express themselves. 

Due to the fact Kajika doesn't have too much coverage online I think that maybe she's still studying or not been putting her work out there for too long. 

I hope that she continues to do so though. It seems like she's figuring out the futuristic planet that her characters inhabit, apart from what they wear, how they interact romantically and move about, but also what they do everyday and how they themselves put their new world together. 

I seriously hope we see more of Kajika in the future but in the mean time you can peek into her sketchbooks as she develops her vision of the future on her tumblr.